About Us

1772 – Galychyna became a part of Austrian Empire. New manufactures and factories were established in Lviv,
among which Lviv tobacco Factory is one of the largest.
1779 – The factory has been moved to Vynnyky castle, due to the proximity of the commodity regions, fuel and
water resources and convenient connections. Soon Lviv Tobacco Factory became the largest manufacture in
1817 – Emperor Franc visited Lviv Tobacco factory in Vynnyky during his trip to Galychyna. This visit gave
an impetus to expansion and reconstruction of the manufacture. Mill with gateways for grinding of tobacco
was built. At that time the factory employed 498 workers and its annual production reached 19200 centner.
1895 – First workers’ trade union emerge. Vynnyky’s tobacco factory produce all types of tobacco products
(cigars, cigarettes, cut tobacco, tobacco), and had shop departments, where the labels for the cigarette
packs were printed, and the wooden packs for the cigars were produced.
1914 – Factory has suffered considerable losses. Indeed, in September a fire occurred, which has burned not
only the premises, but almost all the equipment. After the defeat of national liberation rivalry and
annexation of the Galicia to Poland complete restoration of the enterprise has failed.
1940 – the factory employed up to 1100 persons, and the mechanized production was being installed. During
the war, the building of the main production department was ruined, as well as the warehouses and the
railroad pathway. Germans disassembled the remainders of the rail pathway, destroyed the electrical power
line, and disabled the diesel engine and the dynamo machine out of order, taken away the reserves of the
tobacco products, dismantled and removed part of the cigarette machines.
1960 – an integrated mechanization and automation of the production processes was introduced. Factory’s
tobacco products were presented on the numerous exhibitions in USSR and abroad.
1980 – the production capacity was equal to 13,5 billion cigarettes.
1993 – on the basis of the Lviv tobacco factory – the joint American-Ukrainian enterprise closed joint stock
company “R.J.Reynolds Tobacco-Lviv” is established.
1998 – foreign investors decide to withdraw from business of Lviv Tobacco Factory.
1999 – new Ukrainian limited liability company “Lviv Tobacco Factory” was established.Today, in 2012, Lviv
tobacco factory continue to operate with stable annual growth.

Lviv Tobacco Factory is not only a national producer but a socially forming enterprise. Being aware of its
role in public life, it seeks to fully support cultural, sport and healthy life of the Vynnyky city. The
team of our enterprise is constantly trying to attract a wide audience of young citizens to socially active
events and cultural life. The special attention is paid to children’s creativity and talents development.
A vivid example is the children’s folk-stage dance ensemble “Svyatoslav”, which performs an interesting
plays to the wide audience at different events and Christian holidays. Love to dance has united children
aging from 3 to 16 year olds. For a very short period of time this ensemble has earned a good reputation,
and the team has a lot of friends from other cities and countries now. Since its creation, “Svyatoslav” has
become a member and a winner of the regional, city and international competitions and festivals of
children’s creative works.
Following old traditions of Vynnyky, children’s football school is actively developing, the team “Ruh” has
been created, and now it is well known not only in but also outside the region. This is a young ambitious
team, which has outstanding results, first of all due to the healthy microclimate within the team, and
because of the existence of all necessary material and technical base.
Highly qualified coaching staff works with the team. The club management involves the team in a variety of
tournaments and friendly matches. During the short period of time the club has earned love and respect of
local fans, and the official “Ruh” fan-club creation is in line.
Lviv Tobacco Factory did not leave the residents’ spiritual life without attention. With the help of the
senior staff the decoration of the St. Olga and Volodymyr church has been completed; also, the “Voskresinnya
and I. Hrestytelya” church feels the continued support from the enterprise.
Thus, Lviv Tobacco Factory sets the goals not only for industrial, commercial purposes, but also does not
forget about cultural, educational and health improvement of life of its residents.